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Originally Posted by trabi View Post
Thank you! So probably sell the 128 here and buy a 120 d in Germany.
or an e82, 118d!

Basically anything you have shipped over to Germany (like when I order on to my German address) IF the German Zoll (Customs) get to it first... you can count on paying about +36% on it! The package gets sent to the local customs office in your city and you have to pay the customs guys there.

I can not imagine dealing with those guys with a car purchase. They are hard to deal with when the value is just a few hundred dollars. With a car transaction they are gonna be total jerks.

Another reason to buy a German spec car is... US spec one series are limited to 210 kph unless they have the M-Sport option. Then they are limited to 250 kph. Also things like brake pads and tire specs are different for German spec cars. Plus some of the headlight/turn signals will need to be coded for EU specs. You might evenhaveto replace the headlights which are not cheap! ~600 euros each plus pulling off the bumper cover.