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actually, a couple more questions... say i want to get everything on this list:

Included in the E9X Mount Kit:
front upper strut mounts (also known as a guide support), 31306775098 (higher quality than 31336760943 strut mount)
A. rear upper-top shock mounts, 33506771737
B. rear upper-middle shock mounts, 33506767010
C. rear upper-bottom shock mounts, 33506771738
D. rear upper supporting cup, 33526764418 (sits over bumpstop)
rear lower shock mount (installs on spring arm), 33526768544

from powerflex.. everything they have at least

which parts would i get?

or does

cover ALL of the rear mounting parts? (pending whether i need the 10mm or 12mm?).. and that includes - would i even need a new one of those?

and i'm assuming because i have front pillowball mounts, i don't need

.. yeah no. ok that's cool

and is there an uprated/powerflex or anything else equivalent to: ?

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