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How to Remove Badges

Thought I'd do a write up on how to remove your stick on badges.
(Have also posted in my normal TWD thread)

What you will need:
1. Heat gun or hair dryer
2. Waxed dental floss (doesn't scratch)
3. Clay bar & lubrication

This is the badge that will be removed.

Get your heat gun or hair dryer and blow hot air on the badge for around 40 seconds or until badge surface is fairly hot to the touch.

Using waxed dental floss, simple insert from one side and thread/slide the floss piece behind the badge. This will safely "pull" away the badge and/or the adhesives.

Use your fingers carefully to assist in badge removal once the dental floss has safely detached the badge.

Carefully pull away the badge. Some adhesive will still be stuck on the paintwork. This should be heated with your heat gun or hair dryer and then rolled off the paintwork. Do NOT use your your fingernails to peel off the adhesive.

The outline of the badge may still be visibile.

Simply use your favourite clay bar with lubrication to remove any remaining adhesives.

Badge and adhesives safely and completely removed.