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Originally Posted by Gray_Panther View Post
M205 is great for what it is. Meaning it is the perfect sidekick to M105 to polish up all the micro-marring leftover from compounding. However it does get oily to the point where I can't tell if I am ridding the car of the micro-marring or not. After a dawn soap wash to break down and remove the chemicals I can see no swirls appear meaning the car is fully corrected (Not 100% but you know what I mean). It also acts as a great solution to remove light swirl marks.

What I am looking for is a polish that cuts a pinch deeper than M205 without it leaving too much oil.

My eyes have been leaning towards Menzerna SIP, but since I believe so strongly in Sonax wheel cleaner and dash cleaner (Thanks for the deal a little while back) I figured I would give this polish a little attention since my M205 is nearly done.
I believe this will be a great solution for you.

Sonax Fine Abrasive Paste.