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Part Deux,

So an extra wrench in the works.

But before we go there, all the paper is said and done. The ex did pull up the other day in a loaner 3 series due to the 525 being in the shop. Boy did the local shop have a field day, all four doors leaked at once, and replacement of the breaks, battery and suspension bushings. You could sense the frustration as she was telling me about it. At least I could remind her that one door had already been re-sealed and should still be under warrenty. I'm just bumed that she didn't upgrade to poly-bushings since I put a "right of first refusal" clause in the divorce decree.

So here is the new dilema, the ex-brother in law. He and I always got along famously and would routinely go driving. He has had a sucession of cars but his current stable is a 90's miyata with suspension and chassis upgrades and E39 M5. So one of the things i miss the most about the marriage was the power laps with him up route 9 over the Santa Cruz mountains. He is in town for turkey day and we are meant to get together for a beer. The question, is how can I not now out the car? Now there is the "driving bro factor" to contend with. I think this Wednesday is the day and instead of the new girl friend in the car, It will be the kids in the back.

I am then dealing with it by being out of town. I am headed up to one of the rainiest places on earth during the rainiest parts of the year, the Olympic Peninsula on a little three day excursion. Thank god I put on those winter tires and those mud flaps.