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@ Bob:

1. whats the plan with the Emergency brake? Will the stock one fit?
Everything should be the same.

2. A wheel designed to clear with out spacers would be a better/safer option...albeit more expensive.
Understood but unfortunately, I've got the APEX Arc-08s for track tires and APEX or someone in the know told me I'll need 12mm spacers if I want to fit those rims with this BBK.

@ Nick:

When do you plan on getting them installed? Do you also have braided brake lines? LMK if you need any help.
Thanks for the offer to help. First I'll need to find new seals for the calipers, then get them powdercoated/painted and by that time winter will have hit and the M will be stored. So probably spring...and yes, I have two sets of braided lines...ones on the car and ones that came with the BBK.

@ Specter88:

are you selling your old brake calibers ?
Not sure as of yet...interested? I'm sure the OEM are TUV unless the US brakes are different than the European M3/1M brakes....@ Dave?

@ MrKleen:

Install Party to the rescue!
Thanks buddy, knew I could count on you giving me a hand.

@ 135i OREO:
Yeah...I know but metallic blue would rock with metallic VO...complementary colors giving me that little bit of differentiation...I was thinking VO calipers would be a bit too much VO as the car is so overwhelming bright in the sun.