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Originally Posted by GaryS
Im looking for coilovers with 3-4 inches drop.

Hahaha. Have you owned a car that low? Stock ground clearance on my car was 5.5". With 3" drop, you would scrape on absolutely everything. Every speed bump up and down, every driveway in and out, every rise or dip in the road. Please report back on how it goes.[/quote]
My current car has less 2 inches of ground clearance, and I very very rarely scrape...just avoiding speed bumps haha....although my 1, won't be that low it will be lower than most haha

BCs are generally pretty stiff but they are a really nice low price performance coilover. They are under a grand brand new, and lots of adjustability. PTuning can get them to for about 1100 shipped in the us...not sure about overseas though
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