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Originally Posted by Braap View Post
Thanks man! Yeah the color combo is dope; will attach another pic once I have the spoiler on. Only reason I've been waiting is because everyone I've asked to do it has been concerned about removing the stock one. They say that it leaves very stubborn residue.

Any thoughts?
3M Eraser Wheel + corded drill + strong arms. Goo gone is for suckers!

It is also called a 3M Stripe-Off Wheel at some stores. I bought it at my local NAPA auto parts. Be sure and get the eraser wheel AND the mandrel for the drill.

This is not my video but shows how it is to used:

I bought one a few years ago and it has lasted quite a while. I used it on my 135 when I put on the JBSpeed spoiler. Took the 2009 vintage residue off in about 10 minutes. It still requires minimal cleanup afterwards, as all the eraser shavings make a mess everywhere, but it's nowhere near the time it takes with goo gone or the like.