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Originally Posted by capri View Post
How do you guys deal with flat tires with the regular non-run flats tires ??
I too thinking of switching to the regular non-run flats soon. thanks in advance
Same as with any other car with regular tires. A spare (space saver), a goo kit (I personally don't use them because I think it ruins wheels and goo plugs are never as strong as patches), or AAA / All State Roadside Assistance / BMW Assist / etc for an easy tow to a dealership or shop.

Also worth mentioning... today I just switched to some new winter tires. Just before, I was running 215/35//235/30's on 19 x 8.5 / 9.5 wheels (a stretch, I know. Who cares). I put run-flat blizzaks 225/45 on 17 x 7.5 all around. I was expecting better ride comfort, but despite the tire being taller, wider, and cushier, the ride is just as jarring on the run flats as on the skinny-ass tire + 19" wheel setup. The extra downside now is that the steering feels much worse, despite the same ride harshness. Run flats suck, but in the winter is the only time I'd take the convenience of them over the negatives, since I can't have all the traction I need anyway from a winter tire.

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