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Originally Posted by DetailersDomain View Post
Old Cruiser I used a rotary polisher for years as well, in fact up to about a year ago.

I too was a non believer of the orbital thinking it was a toy but with newer pads and compounds you will be quite impressed.

Take a look at the below it was done with a compound in one step with an orbital polisher.

The above was done with a new compound and a microfiber pad to a last step ready, no holograms etc.

If you actually give it a shot you will be quite impressed.

Take a look at the complete write up.

Product Showcase: Menzerna Fast Gloss 400
That is impressive. I knew the technology would get there in regards to pads and leveling compounds. The pads were just starting to be come a major improvement back in the dino days when I was in business. LOL!

Thought about stepping back into it a few years ago but down here in TX, if a kid has a bucket of soapy water and a can of wax- he is a "detailer"...

Thanks for the explanation.