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Need to stop bottoming out on tires

Hey folks- nooby here but not new to modifing

I have a highly modified FJ Cruiser and know that every modification usually snowballs into a bunch of changes.

Here is my dilemma.

I have a 2010 135i Sport with what the dealership has told me is the upgraded BMW Performance suspension. I purchased the car used with 13XXX on the clock and Carmax was oblivious to any modifications

I recently grew tired of the run flats ride and the fact that through some wacked out camber, had worn through to the cord on the front passenger side tires edge. Got the alignment and set about replacing the RF with new shoes.

The main issue is the selection was more aggressive and now the car bottoms out on the tires when hitting long drop outs on the freeway. I figured this could have happened but its strange since the wheel tire combo is easily 15 lbs lighter per corner. I figure the unsprung weight would allow the suspension to be stiffer and react faster. Well 4x4 and fast cars are valved very differently as I'm learning.

Would a newer set of Eibach springs correct this or should I look into a full coil over system. Heck its most likely cheaper to just repurchase two new rear wheels that werent as wide...

Currently rolling the rear fender lips gradually with each bump

Wheels/ tires

Ended up at Tire Rack and purchased the OZ Ultraleggras -18 x 8 for the front and 18 x 9 for the rear (both 40mm offset)

Tires - BFG KDW2 (Conti's were on national backorder due to bubbling in the side walls) 215/40R18 front and 245/35R18 rear

I realize the offset for the rear is more aggressive and TR warned me about this. So I can either replace the rear wheels with 8" wide since they don't change the look or correct the suspension.

Ive never been one to back down from a modification...

Any suggestions on coilover set ups that would be stiffer but not run like a DTM.

Thanks in advance for any help!


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