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Originally Posted by robertm View Post
Here's what I would do. Remove Cobb about 1 mile before pulling into the dealership. It will take your car a good 20+ miles before you throw a code for cat issues. When you go ask them if they plan on driving the car. They usually do for oil change. Tell them you expect them to put less than 12 miles on the car (thats what they usually put on mine) and record the mileage with the service advisor. Act like its a big deal and your anal about someone driving your car.

You should be just fine with this strategy. The problem with the BMS O2 simulator is it takes a bit of time to dial in. It may need to be adjusted before the setting is right for your car not to throw a code. That may take you a few days of driving or 100+ miles to play with to get right.
Great advice. Thank you.

Originally Posted by Eyeman View Post
Tough choice. My 135 was written up for all it's mods under similar circumstances. Later they tried to make me pay for my first HPFP replacement blaming my mods (before the recall occurred). I'm now at the end of my "warranty" anyways and nothing came of it.


I guess if I had to do it again then I probably just wouldn't take my car to the dealer at all if it were just routine maintenance. Then if something bigger comes up you can remove your downpipes before taking the car in.
That's what I'm worried about... I'd like to take advantage of the free oil changes and to go in and build a relationship with the dealership. I'm one of those guys that believes if you give the dealership business / money while building a positive relationship (IE: Try not to be "That" customer), they'll take care of you if something happens... But I've never had to test this theory. In the meantime, I try to make it less obvious that the car is modded...

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Why even bother to take your car in? Why not just change or pay for an oil change. Why risk a dealer visit? I would just change the oil myself.
I've been paying for oil changes at 8,000 km at a local shop. But I'd like to pretend I'm following their recommended change intervals and basically do things by the book. Just in case I come to rely on them for warranty....

I'm hoping I can just fine tune one of the BMS devices and if they ask, I'll just tell them "Oh yeah, I got an exhaust..." since they will surely notice the exhaust tone.

Thanks for feedback guys.