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Originally Posted by DRedman45 View Post
the most immediate solution would probably be taking it to get the fenders rolled...I think they sit perfect imo, but you could have a wheel specialist machine 3-5mm off the wheel to raise the offset a little bit

btw I love the FJ, I really wanted one when they first came out, and the new tan really makes me want one haha, too bad I need a 4 door truck
Thanks for some insight. I believe at the current rate of contact- another couple of dips in the road and Ill have successfully rolled the rear fenders with the tires. They have been rolling the lip with each contact.

Thanks for the compliments on the FJ- lots of time and money in that one.

Originally Posted by froop View Post
I would say your bottoming out issue is due to the more aggressive offset of the wheels and not to do your shocks/springs combo.

Looking at the width of the wheels you could have gone with wider tyres but that would exacerbate your rubbing issues.

I think your best options are as DRedman45 said.

Getting the Eibach pro kit will lower your car even more than the BMW Performance suspension has and you'll have even more issues with rubbing.

If the above options aren't for you then I would say that your only other options are to either change wheels to a less aggressive offset or add more negative camber.

Btw, is it the front or the rear which is rubbing?
The issue is with the rear wheels. Never knew camber could be adjusted on the rear or were you thinking it was the front. I guess I should have been more specific. Front is great.

So there wouldn't be a way to add a set of coil overs that would have a progressive rate spring that would start off soft to allow for the small stuff and then when the larger hits come into play, the 2nd rate plays in?

Ill consider the wheel option then