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Originally Posted by n54door View Post
Another thread showing how much of a waste Dinan tunes are. Dinan makes money off over conservative people with money to blow and who know nothing about the alternatives. The warranty is such a joke - they are hardly pushing the car over stock, what could seriously go wrong?

Congrats man, she is a beast - no thanks to Dinan whatsoever!
This is what can go wrong....1-you can save money, 2-you can resell the tune, 3- you can change how aggressive/conservative you want to be, 4- you can match COBB to other non-cobb mods (Dinan doesn't want to warranty if you don't buy for example their 1600.00 dollar intercooler, 1600 dollar oil cooler, 1200.00 dollar intake, etc. etc., they will debate you on warranty coverage), 5- you can return car back to stock within 10 mins (you would have to go to Dinan dealership to remove flash, will be free with the exception of LABOR which they will charge at 100.00 per hour).

Wait your question was what could go WRONG!! I thought you wanted to know what could go RIGHT!
I guess I don't know the answer to that first question. Other than you can save about 7K which is what would cost you to go Dinan Stage 3 (remember all their mods must be installed) and you can put it in the bank as piece of mind in case something does go wrong at some point with your COBB tune.

Wait that's another answer for what can go right....dude I don't know....I apologize.