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Originally Posted by Warriortogo View Post
Last time I replace the FMIC and Chargepipe tp ER one, and I see a a lot of oil in my oem FMIC and charge pipe
It's not uncommon for the turbo seals to leak a bit of oil that ends up in the FMIC. It's a good idea to flush your intercooler once a year to remove the oil and improve efficiency. Just fill it with diesel and let it soak for 20-30 minutes. Pour out the diesel and dispose of it responsibly. Pour a small amount of liquid detergent inside the FMIC and flush with warm water until the water runs clean (i.e. no more suds). Make sure the intercooler is dry before reinstalling. A shop vac helps speed up the drying time.

Also, i normally see about a table spoon of oil in my catch can every 4-6 months. It's not a lot but at least I know it is not making its way to the intake valves. I know it is working since the inbound hose has oil residue inside while the outbound hoses is bone dry.