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Down the cheaper end of the spectrum, I fitted Hankook Ventus V12 evo's this time last year, and couldn't be happier with the tyres. No track- street and highway only. I kept to the stock sizes of 215/40/18's on the front and 245/35/18's on the rear. I have the impression that the nice low-speed turn-in on my car might be in part due to running the narrower tyre in front. Lots of grip dry and wet, stopping is great, they're quiet, and comfort is good. An excellent value for money tyre.

Only gripe I have is with Hankook Australia. They offer a warranty on their ultra high performance tyres, and I had cause to access it after I hit a deep pothole on the Pacific Highway in April last year at 110 km/h, fracturing the sidewall on the front passenger side. The most charitable I can be is to say that their QC systems aren't set up to cope with warranty claims. However, after being bloody-minded persistent for more than four months, I eventually got my money refunded for a brand new tyre. Hopefully, having me on their back has caused them to improve their service.