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Originally Posted by CL 19 View Post
We're exactly the same Jim. Probably I will enjoy my E82 first and while saving money and looking for the market. When the time comes I believe there will be a car that fits me. If not, then M3 is my future destination, not now. It is quite simple but I don't know why I make this thing hard. It might be because if I bought an M3 it will be my first M3, that also my dream car back when I was 10 years old.
That's exactly what I'm going to do man. I figure I'll drive it for a year or two, and save save save, then put my order in for a brand new one, with what color and options I want. I'd rather do it right the first time than waste money jumping into something without a warranty and that could potentially have problems.

Best of luck with your decision bud.