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Originally Posted by SGM <3 View Post
I'm hopefully ordering some special 5 spokes this winter

But to OP; looks good, tires are a little too pokey for my liking but I'm sure it could grow on me as well.
Thanks! My old set of tires actually ripped apart while trying to mount them, they were 205's getting stretched over 7.5" width, so this time I went with 225's to be safe (I know, thinner is better for winter tires). Tires are bushy, and it could use spacers, but for a winter setup I'm pretty happy.

Originally Posted by PADLOCK View Post
s p a c e r s, and your solid
Thanks, and yep! I'm not 100% sure I'll buy them for this winter, because hey it's winter, but it would finish the look...

Originally Posted by pixelblue View Post
Sweet! Very classic

Originally Posted by Gimlet View Post
Gold on black - can't go wrong -
Haha, I know gold on white looks great, but I wasn't sold on gold on black til I finally got em mounted. I'm loving it. Thanks!

Originally Posted by t02t View Post
nice i was gona paint mine gold but 5$ plastidip was more affordable
looks good
Haha thanks man. I never got into plastidip, but considering I've actually completely switched wheels for the past 5-6 seasons, I might have to start using it to save money when I'm craving something different. I finally saw it on someone's wheels in person and it doesn't look bad at all.

Originally Posted by nik0123 View Post
Looks great!
Thanks man!

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