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Originally Posted by Boosted1 View Post
Why not? I jus bought them and plan on using them along new rotors at my next track day.

They are suposed to work for some trck duty dont they? Sure they are not dedicated track pads but I was under the impression they weere substantially beter than stock pads, wich can easily stand a track day if you are not hardcore.

I would be more concerned for the brake liquid...
Both myself and a friend in BMWCCA I autox with have used them for track duty. Both of us used them for the '11 season and I switched back to OEM (then stoptech), he switched to Ferodo. Once you get them up to track temperatures, they fade quickly, but that's not the worst of it. It's a permanent fade. You will lose stopping power each time you fully heat cycle them. I got through about 1/4 of the pad before it was totally useless and I could no longer activate ABS through braking, which is how much stopping power was lost.

Unfortunately I can't describe the exact science. I did have to change the pads and rotors to eliminate the issue.

Now, with normal temperatures, they're great. No noise, no dust, linear feel. Once you heat them up, they're absolute garbage. I would NOT recommend tracking them for your own safety. Get a dedicated track pad set and save the CC's for the street.