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I would go non runflat. if something happens just grab a spare or figure it out with a friend. I was in the same predicament and needed four new tires, and having 19"x7.5" all around, i REFUSED to get a tire they had to back order like when i had my last bmw, and if anything happened i would continually have to wait 3-4 days. Anyway i called around asking for people who had the size in stock and Big O had this tire by General (owned by continental. (shown below) it was a cheaper tire and at first, i was like what the hell is general. and was skeptical. but after reading reviews on mercedes, subaru, bmw, i could not find ONE bad review. went with them for a total of $850 installed out the door for all four (for 19's mind you) and i will never use a different tire. Wear is super slow, performance is amazing (honestly almost as good as a ps2 summer, i kid you not) love the road feel and everything about them. i have nothing but positive things to say about this tire from price, performance, road feel, dry handling, snow handling, looks, everything. it is almost too good to be true! And they have some insane warranty! they literally have to be losing money lol.
I can't stand runflats. if you have a flat, it is going to need to be fixed anyways, so why would i want to prolong it. just go normal tires, and when something happens use a jack, pull the wheel, have a friend or family member take you to the shop, and come back to the car. forces you to expedite the process anyway. or if you have amex they have free towing.

General G-Max AS-03 Ultra High Performance All Season

These are the tires I just recently purchased due to potenza's being on back order and zero regrets. Tire gives great performance and non runflats is a smoother ride.