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Broken chargepipe ?

So this weekend I went out for a spirited drive in the twisty roads. The only mod I have done to my car is a JB4, map 1.

After a while pushing the car, I felt some hiccups when accelerating in 3rd, kind of like when the traction control is interfering, but a bit harder. Few moments later the "Engine malfunction - limited power" light went on, and the car lost power and had a lot of hiccups.

I immediately let go off the gas and something like 10 seconds later the light disappeared and the car seemed to work fine.

From there on I was a bit more careful, and I didn't floor it, but carefully pushing the car to see how she responds. I got maybe one or two warning hiccups on the way back, under strong acceleration in 3rd. This time as soon as I got the hiccup I was easing it on the throttle, I made it home and the car seems to work just fine since then.

So I guess my questions are:
- I've read a lot of times on this forum the car goes into "limp mode" and people don't seem too worried about it. Is that the case here?
- I still haven't read the codes yet, but could that be a chargepipe issue? I still have my stock CP.

Any help is appreciated.