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Originally Posted by str8shot View Post
Street only, with the occasional auto-x event.

I didn't think toe would be effected since height is really the only thing that changes the length of the tie-rod arm (in relation to the rack).
toe will change with a camber change, but only so slightly if you are looking at just moving one click....BUT the problem is that one camber change click on each side DOES NOT equal the same amount of toe change for each respective side. the toe will be off from side to side.

My recomendation is that since you only auto cross occasionaly, that you dial back some of the neg camber maybe to -1.5 , reset your toe to zero and have at it.. You will still have great handeling and better tire wear.

in the end only an alignment will do you justice.

oddly enough, i have mine set at just over -2.5* and my tires are wearing rather well..( at least my street tires are, my track tires still take a little beating on the outside edge after a few events )
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