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It was a ton of fun! I had one off on the first lap where I was just being too anxious and started to get movin' before there was any temperature in the tires or brakes.

My best was a 1:04.7x hitting 125mph in the front straight. I think the car is good for 1 more second or a 1:03.xx on a hot day where I can get some heat in the tires, but otherwise I just couldn't get enough grip/didn't have enough of an opening through traffic. For a car that's full weight, not using a fully adjustable camber plate, stock shocks and springs with stock suspension arms and links I am pretty pleased. It isn't as stable as I would like for that very reason... I need to move up in run groups next season as well. Bullying a 1M, 996 GT3, some Spec Miatas, Mustangs, Evo, Corvettes is always a good day in my book...

Sadly, I am camera retard and was only able to capture some of my slower laps and then the battery died... Very sad. Here is a quick video where you'll see me playing around with the car a bit in traffic and a little action. Note that I was getting some serious fender rubbing with the new tire setup so I was a bit cautious in the uphill where it was really bad and actually put me sideways on one lap.

Nice sidways action at 4:30...