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Originally Posted by Moocow View Post
I can get a set of AD08's installed for $1448
I can also get a set of Conti 3's installed for $1208

I assume I'll get much better mileage on the Conti's, but the AD08's will have better grip in the dry?

decisions, decisions!

what sort of mileage are people getting on the AD08's?
The AD08s are great tyres. I have just gone through a set (well, rear pair anyway)
The rears lasted me nearly 20,000kms (a few track days, few trips to the drag strip etc) but the fronts are still going pretty strong.

If you're not going to be tracking the car, go with the Contis.

Originally Posted by Knightelf View Post
Anyone know the offsets for the

with stock 261 rims?
F: 18 x 7.5 ET49
R: 18 x 8.5 ET52

Originally Posted by Moocow View Post
do you track your car? I was hoping for more than 35K Km's.

anyone know if 235/40/18's will fit the front 8.5" fine?
Stick to 225s on the front. Again, if you're not tracking the car why worry about risking the tyres not fitting when 225s fit just fine

Originally Posted by Scoobs View Post
Hard to go past Mich pilot super sports. Landed mine 22,000kms ago for about $1,000 from tire rack.
Even when Tirerack shipped to Aus I think the Michelins were a bit more than $1k. The tyres themselves were over 1k.. then add shipping... then some people got customs duty, some didn't.