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Originally Posted by bmroxm5 View Post
Even when Tirerack shipped to Aus I think the Michelins were a bit more than $1k. The tyres themselves were over 1k.. then add shipping... then some people got customs duty, some didn't.
Haven't seen what they are selling for now, but I recall the 4 came in at just under the GST threshold - Invoiced at AUD 950 and shipping was about AUD 200 I recollect. So landed at $1,150. Xrate was a little more favourable when I did it as well which helped.

Such a great deal. Shame it can't be repeated. After fitting I think it worked out at $312 a corner.

At the time, I recall ringing around locally - obviously not to the right places. Of the 3 places that even bothered to call be back with a quote ( due to staggered fitment, the one's I spoke to didn't stock them ), the cheapest was close to $900 a corner. No wonder people buy on line