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Originally Posted by donsaxena View Post
I've heard to many bad things about running meth but people make great power on it. For me I am about to buy a new GTR so I will play with that to reach that next level of power.
What bad things have you heard about meth? I've run a couple of settups on a couple of applications for thousands of miles with nothing but great results. Perhaps you are misinformed!

As for the OP. I'd certainly be looking at the oil cooler setup if you intend on putting a fair amount of actual track time in. If its only an occasional thing and you're not running the car at 10/10ths in the middle of a 35 degree day, the water meth setups for the street are hard to beat! I ran an aquamist with a howerton engineering tank and it was simply brilliant! I'd go that way again. My AEM setup in the other car is good, but not nearly as brilliant and well put together as the aquamist.