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Originally Posted by Dee Pee View Post

I've always said that driving an Italian car is like dating a stripper. The 10% of the time when things are going well...they are REALLY going well.

Of course 90% of the time it's nothing but drama, maintenance, and the constant state of fear about the next blow-up.

With time, and enough late-night calls for bail money, I eventually took the Dalai Lama's advice about not losing the lesson and gave up the stripper habit.

And every damn time that I was at my wits end, the thing would burble to me through its Ansa exhaust and give me a lustrous ride in the saddle that kept me coming back for more punishment.

At the egging of my first gainfully employed and college-educated girlfriend, I moved from Alfas to BMWs.

Or maybe it's just human nature in general--we crave exactly the things that are worst for us.

You see, I have a couple of perfectly hot German babes in my repertoire. Both are sexy and fast as hell, and the silver one runs around topless most of the summer.

I think I will always be true to them...

But a playah gotta play. I got eyes, you know.

*apologies for the wordiness, thin metaphors, and ego-driven tripe, but is what one does after a few martinis mid-week with a holiday Thursdsay upcoming*
Well played sir. Well played indeed.

But who says strippers are not gainfully employed?

On a serious note, barring some unforseen circumstance, the 1M will stay. I'm going to keep my eyes on the following as companions in a few years:

1. 981 Cayman - It's the next gen Cayman. The topless version has already shown it's better than the predecessor in every way. This may be the 911 for those of us who adored the 911 in the 80's before it became the size of a small VW van.

2. ATS - V - It will certainly be the cheapest of the Q cars. The V division does some good work.

3. A used E90 M3 - Because S65 and 8900 RPM + 4 Doors

4. One of the new iCars or a 335d (if offered w/ a 6-speed manual)
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