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Originally Posted by Bill B. View Post
Yes, when the green LED on the lamp switch came on, the green fog light indicator IN THE CLUSTER DISPLAY came on as well!

I recognized the indicator from our X3, which did have fogs. Though in that car, every once in a while, the entire display (radio, console, etc) would go black for 5 seconds then come back on again, as if it were rebooting. Very disconcerting, especially when driving at highway speeds...
Have you changed your headlight switch or had it replaced under warranty?

You should not have a green fog light icon come on inside the instrument cluster. Perhaps you have the wrong headlight switch installed on your car. BMW makes several headlight switches.

PS: On the OE headlight switch... even though it doesn't have front or rear(brake) fog lights... you can mod the OE switch to work. Everything is there. You can run a search for "LEGO mod" headlight switch and see what I mean. Perhaps someone has broken your headlight switch. All you need to do it push it in really hard to break the inner tabs off - and then the fog ligh function will work.