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Originally Posted by Dackelone View Post
Why are you removing them>? I think they just pull straight out. I would use some plastic pry tools to gently pry the vent out. I looked online and the center vents are only 38 euros.

When I replaced my headlight switch... I had to pull and tug on that side vent really hard. I thought I was gonna break it - thats how hard I was pulling on it! lol

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Thanks for reply...I will look for plastic panel tools I need them to not scratch anything will try to pry. Need to remove them because I want to try install boost gauge in the center vent. Something like AUDI S4 B5 guys are doing.
If I will mess up my vent grill I will just buy a new one to replace it but I think worth a shot.

I really dont like P3 boost gauge. I want classic, mechanical boost gauge with amber light