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Originally Posted by Sylon View Post
I've had some much bigger "strange happenings" lately. Radio cutting off and on randomly, and just recently my electrics were ape shit when I unlocked my car and had a constant static sound coming from the speakers for several minutes.

After discussing it with my service advisor, he told me it was a result of cold weather. On that day here, temps dipped into the low 20s. He said the computers had a hard time dealing with the cold, so strange things were bound to happen. While its not "normal", its not uncommon, hard to replicate enough to require repair, and to just ignore it.
that's odd. My radio used to do crazy stuff too, but when my window motor went out, they had to update the firmware on the radio () and when it failed to update every time, they replaced the radio too. no more weird noises, and my windows work!

when it gets hot out, my passenger seat gives me a seatbelt warning usually goes on about 2 minutes before shutting off. kind of annoying actually.
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