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Stock car, found limp mode yesterday:

The code says it wasn't making correct boost, but it's not clear why.

About a half hour into a one hour spirited drive I noted that the car didn't seem to be pulling as hard as usual out of some corners. I suspected overboost wasn't available for some reason, temps were reading fine and it was high 60s out so it shouldn't have gotten too hot. Gassed the car up, and pulling out of the station I immediately noticed it was well under normal power. Pulled over, checked the charge pipe, etc, found nothing. Pulling away it felt fine again.

Finally, 10 minutes later, the car went to limp mode while overtaking: "engine malfunction - limited power". Drove to a dealership...

Only one instance of a code was noted, showing the car didn't hit full boost just under 3k rpm. They didn't find any obvious cause, and given that it was 4 pm on the day before thanksgiving and I was on a road trip 200 miles from home they were not going to start pulling things apart to do a "smoke test".

The car cooled down, they reset it, full power returned and so far it hasn't re-occurred (though I haven't pushed it as hard for as long). So, the suspicion is an intermittent boost leak at stock boost levels, perhaps related to heat. Is there a known issue that fits this profile? Can the charge pipe leak intermittently before it blows?
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