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You guys just shot my balloon down...

I bought the CoolCarbons because my rear Ferodo DS2500 after 1 month of use are EXTREMELY (unbearable-like) noisy. I was under the impression they could take some rack abuse, at least a tad better than the OEM pads.

Im also installing new slotted rotors and Titanium shims... Should I just bail out of using the CoolCarbons in the track? Dont wanna doubt of any of your opinions but some of you might be hardcore racers and at times get extreme about things like this.

I.E. I've heard stock pads and 135i brakes are RUBBISH in the track... While others have had very good performance from them in their track days... So, do you think it may b that for some very experienced racers that push HARD their cars on the track, and ond very fast and brake-abussive tracks, the CoolCarbons just dont take the abuse, but for some weekend-twice-a-year racers, in slower and smaller tracks (Im in Mexico, most tracks are somehow small and you dont reach ery high speeds) Cool Carbons (or stock pads) can be just enough?

Really looking forward to your opinion guys. Dont really want to throw away the 700 usd I've already spent (CC pads. Front and rear Slotted rotors and TI shims).