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Originally Posted by g force View Post
how do i get it to nj and is that safe ?
Cars in Mexico are taxed highly, it would cost much more than a clean used one here. You would also have to import it and it's not easy. Big brother is not very sensible. You have to certify that it meets all sort of DOT things, you also have to certify with the state for emissions, etc.

There are a many 1Ms that were purchased as weekend cars by people that had to have the newest thing and are now thinking of selling them now that newer cars are out. While the car is rare with a little patience you will find one for $52-$55K.

The one thing you might ask yourself is that this car was the result of the backlash against the super heavy luxury M cars, especially the 5M and 6M which it appears you own. Then you post that you "need" NAV. I have 6 and 10 year old kids that I explain that they need food, shelter, friendship and love. The Pokemon deluxe deck is a "want." I need a car with four wheels to get me to work and take my kids to school and sports practices. My 1M was a "want."

The 1M is a little bit of throwback though the M marketing folks added luxury stuff because they were concerned it wouldn't sell otherwise, but it's still far from the SUVs and big luxo GT cars.

So the point I'm trying to make is are you sure you really want one? Have you driven one?

Finally, the majority of these cars are loaded so that is good for your search but you might also consider that if you do want a more back to basics after the 5M, then don't rule out a no NAV car. In the long term, they are rarer, especially in Black and if you are tall, the Manual seats give you about 1 1/2" more headroom.

Good luck with your search.