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Sorry to drag this up bu better to use an existing thread I guess. I even found this via SEARCH

Anyway, I find it interesting that people say that Maddad's are louder than N55 mids seeing as N55 has just a tiny resonator in it which I would have thought did a worse job at sound control than a twin resonated Maddad set . I'm also interested as to why people say that the N55 mid-pipes gave nothing sound wise over N54 mid-pipes even though you've deleted two Cats. Why would this be?

Granted I do not have a 1M but an N54 135i with BMW PE (stock DPs, stock N54 mids). I am looking for a mid-pipe that will give me more volume over the whole rev range, I was set on N55 mids figuring that they'd be much louder with no Cats in them but according to this...perhaps not?
I will also be fitting the y-pipe which comes with the PE, this will delete the N55 centre resonator. Will this make the N55 mid-pipe come to life or is the lack of sound in the N55 pipe due to pipe design or diameter? Now I think of it I've heard an N55 135i with PE in person and it was pretty quiet but I do not know if it had the Y-Pipe centre resonator delete fitted.

Seeing as Maddad isn't available in the UK I guess I really have no option to go there however, Berk is available so another option or of course custom Mids.

Can anyone offer some advice?