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Originally Posted by ynguldyn
You - really noisy black LCI non-M on Masspike Exits 17 through 13. Driving like a textbook BMW asshat: multiple lane changes without directionals, sudden acceleration to 85mph or more in 55mph zone - only to drop to traffic flow speed 500ft later.

Me - CS (never the b-word!) '10 135i (those who know will understand whose car that really is), drove all the way at speed limit + 10, made maybe 1 lane change to your 10, and in the end took the exit ramp on your tail.

Maybe you just wanted to play? To be honest, I really don't know what's worse - trying to play on a highway with significant traffic, or just being a regular asshat.
Reminds me a little of how I drive these days lol

I don't commute my 1M and only drive it for the sheer pleasure. With the driving season being so far away, every green light turns into a brief g-force opportunity :P