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mb135is: Thank you. I will keep looking for the right car. I don't think they will see a dime from me now... I was very close to placing an order if they had the right car too.

Thank you for the insightful reply. I appreciate you taking the time to give your thoughts on the matter. It seems I wasn't clear on the locate or search. I was not expecting the dealer to order in a car for me so I could look at it. All I wanted was to know something like:

Yes we have a le mans blue 135, manual with premium and msport package that we could get for you in approx ````days/weeks/months````. That's it I didn't expect them to bring it in so I could test it or have a look at it. I find it incredibly hard to understand that they have to pay to do a simple search like : 135i, manual. I don't know how bmw operates but when I bought my VW I had trouble tracking the right car with the options I wanted. The SA did a simple search and found that I could a) custom build one at a 5-6 month wait or put an order for one that was the same build but a different color. He said it was already built, awaiting to be processed for shipping. SA told me the exact specs/options and that it was still in germany and could get it in approx 3 months.

I think you are spot on in your 2nd paragraph. I'm looking back at the whole situation now and thinking they probably thought I was a "bogues" as you put it. It would only explain the 180* Degree change in this SA's personality, from that first test drive to today. I'm guessing another associate said to close on this client or that he was wasting his time. They made the wrong assumption about me and have probably lost a sale because of it. I don't want to waste his time, but I feel though he has just wasted mine. Another alarm bell that went off was during my visit this past Saturday my GF and I sat down at his desk and he brings up that he has a client coming in at 2:30.. I thought that was strange am I not important enough of a client?

I like your suggestion to confront him at the dealer but this isn't really my style. Many thanks for your thoughts and opinion on this.

Zamboni: This sounds like a great idea, I've never heard of this and it seems like the logical route to follow. Is this a contact I would find at the dealership or directly through bmw canada?