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Originally Posted by Maestrob4u View Post
I read that the LS motor (with supercharger) weighed 197kg, vs the S65's 202kg.
Where did you hear that? An LS9 (ZR1 motor) is 241 kg, and that's before the required external oil tank (dry sump). An LT1 (next gen 6.2L non-supercharged) is 211 kg.

Originally Posted by Maestrob4u View Post
Which company offers the S65 at the level of tune, or can modify one to the specification you described. Also what are the gains over stock.
Dinan does a 500 hp stroker S65, which is the smarter way to go from a performance perspective, and Dinan has excellent experience with derivatives of the motor from their Daytona Prototype racing program making them one of the few I'd trust to do one well. A high revving 4.0l would be more for fun and the experience/ sound. Not sure if Dinan could be talked into doing one.
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