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Hm, considering the following line (instead of a name) to be embroidered on the left sleeve:
"I wanted a BMW 1M Performance Exhaust and all I got was this lousy polo shirt."
Quite obvious that the real purpose is getting some sort of peer review direct marketing audience by repeating the "Honey, you're special, you know ?"-technique which was also used by the ///M marketing folks in 2010 + privacy info of those who currently drive the 1M (not necessary the buyers):
"The Exclusive BMW 1 M Coupé Owner's Polo Shirt costs EUR 89.- including VAT and shipping. It can only be ordered online on this website. Payment is also made online via our partner PayPal; various modes of payment are available (a PayPal account is not required for this purpose).
Your order is processed by our service provider ECS Excellent Computer Systems GmbH.
Several days after placing your order you will receive an e-mail asking you to answer a number of questions. This also gives you the opportunity to directly influence the range and character of future M Automobiles."

Not sure whether it's an OK move to get your name embroidered on the left sleeve. It ain't no karting or F1 overall belt. If you want to personalize it, then maybe limit it to your license plate, VIN, initials or "Chuck Norris". However, in my book "BMW ///M", "///M FOR ALL SEASONS", the engine label "POWERED BY BMW M" or simply no text at all, seems to be the better option. That way you can also do someone else a favor who cannot get it or who wants a second one (woot-woot, markup alert, markup alert... ).

The ///M label on the front of the polo shirt: hm, did they ever see the superior quality of the ///M label embroidered on the Jezzer 'Mats Man' ///M mats ?

Oops, the mandatory jet washers and windscreen wipers have disappeared.
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