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Originally Posted by ozinaldo View Post
If it would be free for owners then it should be so everywhere, not in a single market.
I agree with you that for all 1M owners it should be if they are the original owner.

Yes I am complaining.

The major point is $120 also for a polo is well um a tad high when I can get a BMW ///M polo for $50. Paying $70 for extra stitching and a tag to me is just not a worth while cost. Anyone could by a M polo and then have the design stitched on the back for 5 bucks. What are you really paying for with the polo, a exclusive tag, that for me is not worth the price.

If you want to by it, I and no one is stopping you or saying you should not do it. If you want a exclusive polo to complement the car then buy away and enjoy the car and polo.

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