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OP I understand your situation. Ottawa isn't really the haven for multiple car dealers of any kind! There is like one or maybe 2 of each manufacturer!

When I was shopping for my 1er in 2011, I guess I had the luxury of simply calling a variety of BMW dealerships on my own. I told them what I was looking for on the phone, and they checked their "on the lot" inventory. In Quebec there are 9 dealerships- 6 of which are within 50km drive of where I live. The second dealer I called had what I was looking for, hence I found my car within 24hours. Yet I must say that I was not picky when it came to options.

my criteria was:
- 6MT
- Moonroof
- HIDs

Needless to say I ended up selling myself. lol... As I found a car fitting my criteria, with even more options than I would have ever ordered : Sports pkg, boston leather seats , powerseats, cold weather pkg, premium pkg, comfort access, Harmon Kardon Sound!

I used this as a bargaining chip - saying "Mr. Bmw dealreship , you have this car on your lot, it has more than what I want, im ready to buy it, maybe even ready to pay a little more than I initially intended to, but not anything near your advertised sticker price, what can you do for me?" (keep in mind, I called you this morning and now I'm here sitting in your office talking numbers) sell me this car!

Ok, I went a little off subject there... but ya! How difficult would it be to buy a car in Quebec and have it plated in Ont.? As its obvious you have a better chance of finding something here rather than in Ottawa. Also you know what you want, hence in theory the only time you will actually have to come into town is when you come and pick up the car. Although negotiation in regards to price is always best in person! just saying, as we are closer than Toronto!

Hit me up with a PM , I'll be glad to help you out/ referring you if purchasing in Quebec is an option for you!