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Good day guys,
I have a 2009 128i and am slightly confused on how to get the universal remote programed. I was in a condo prior so never had to program it.

Must I do the full process in part 1 with the hand held prior to doing the unit learn in part 2? Does someone have a clearer description? I am not the swiftest when it comes to electronics.

Thanks for your help

Some people need pictures and some need words. First many find this to be a very difficult process - you are not alone.

You can get to the video instructions - log into BMW USA You will need your VIN to create an account. This video also may be on youtube, never looked. Once you log on and create an account your car will appear and on the bottom of the home page for that car a series of video tutorials are available-just follow the links. The garage door opener is one. I-drive, Nav and entertainment are others.

To do the programming -follow below-the sequence.

Press the outer 2 buttons on the mirror until the LED light flashes quickly - can take up to 30 seconds - car must be on.

Now Press Button 1 and your remote opener at the same - hold until the LED light flashes quickly -should be 10-20 seconds-can take longer depending on your brand of door opener.

Also if you are doing this on a bright sunny day it is sometimes hard to see the flashing LED in the mirror.

Now you must press the learn button on your opener in your garage-(rolling code security causes this process.) It may be good to use a helper if you have a long distance or the learn button is hard to reach. You now have 30 seconds - go back to the car. Press the Mirror button (the one which you want to open the door) 3 times in sequence. The LED will flash - hold it 2 to 3 seconds per depression.

The buttons can be programmed in this manner for a second or third door and perhaps a remote light - depending on your make and model.

The mirror opening button will now work-it will only function when the car is on-engine running. Also unlike your loose remote you need to hold the button for about 2-3 seconds for the door to open/close. It can up to 300 feet away-much further than the loose control - thus I think BMW wants to make sure you want to use the open/close - thus a slight delay-longer depression on the switch.

This is in the owner's manual but it is not explained very well. When I watched the video I figured it out and re read the manual to get the steps.