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Originally Posted by Rodzilla View Post
I just got some EBC Redstuff's installed. So far I am satisfied with them good bite, low noise but there is some brake dust. If you don't want to spend much but get a high quality pad go with EBC if you want the best of the best then Cool Carbons.
+1ómany happy customers including ourselves---great for performance street and many find them to work successfully also for light track.

FYI-Green fade can be caused by bedding technique and/or bringing pads up to temperature too fast on the track- generally if fade is experienced and performance does not return than pads have glazed- usually only requires removal and light sanding of friction surface to remedy.

For significant track duty, there can be better choices ---but very few if any as street friendly as the Cool Carbons.

Originally Posted by Boosted1 View Post
Why not? I jus bought them and plan on using them along new rotors at my next track day.

They are suposed to work for some trck duty dont they? Sure they are not dedicated track pads but I was under the impression they weere substantially beter than stock pads, wich can easily stand a track day if you are not hardcore.

I would be more concerned for the brake liquid...
Not to worry-you will be fine with light track use that you describe- we have many customers including ourselves that run these pads and are quite pleased with the performance