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When I bought my car back I had to deal with a few crappy salesmen/dealerships.

Salesman/Dealership #1: My parents had literally just signed and bought a 320i and we spoke to the same salesperson to ask him to give us the best price on a 135i vert and he wouldn't budge past $1000 stating that unless I had a cheque in my hand to commit on the spot he wouldn't give me a better price. Mind you, $1000 off a $90,000+ car is a pretty poor discount.

Salesman/Dealership #2: I called up another dealership on the phone and asked them what spec 135i they had on the lot. He said they had a test drive car that hadn't been driven at all and he could do a really good deal on it. Gave me probably a $6-7k discount over the phone without ever meeting me. I called him up shortly afterwards and even managed to bargain down a littler further.

Salesman/Dealership #3: Went into another dealership to check out what they had on the floor and sat down with a salesperson and asked him what the best price he could do on their floor model. He was flat out very hostile and kept on giving me the listed price. When I asked him why he said that he wasn't going to play "Dutch bidding". When I asked him what that meant he said it was when I "played one dealership off against another".

Needless to say I test drove the car from dealership #2 that weekend and called up to put down a deposit on it the following day. I didn't actually get that exact car as it had already been sold on the same afternoon I test drove it but luckily another car was just delivered. I went in and looked at it and committed on the spot.

I understand that time is money, but the other 2 salesmen basically guaranteed themselves out of a sale by disregarding me as a genuine buyer. They even called up the following week to ask if I was still interested. I bet they felt stupid. Really stupid