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Originally Posted by Redadair View Post
Ordered mine.
By the way, the web site allows you to enter up to 15 characters of letters and or numbers for what you would like on the sleeve. Your name won't be on your sleeve unless you want it that way.
I chose "1M 293 of 739" for my shirt.
Why "739", Red ? It's 740 for the US. I was only pulling Metak's leg in a previous post ( Change the figure now that you still can.

On another note: the 1M was an unexpected success for BMW. The initial figure of 2,700 became 6,309, which implies a win factor of 2.3367. More than just a fringe benefit. And Valencia Orange was initially supposed to be a rare color conceived for the 1M (they avoided the word "exclusive" though). Now let's see what happens if sales of this "1M owner's only" polo shirt stuff also start to soar.
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