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any trades you would consider plus cash my friend ,., i love your car , suv?350z?

--- i have an expedition that belongs to my dad so maybe if u wanted that instead we could work something out ------ soo .. hey man hows it going , ive been looking for a new car the last 2 weeks or so . me being 21 years old and at this moment unemployed i need a car my parents could drive and help me out on the payments if i needed on some money i could throw on top of the trade. i had my car up for sale at $28250 just to quick sell .. then the nxt day i test drove a 135i and figured out what kind of motor and transmission it had , i instantly fell in love as well as my friend. he bought a new 2012 135i last night ! haha .. i lowered the price on my car today to try to close a deal . My car is fully built with only 38k on the Chassis and 7500-8000 miles on the freshly built engine with Cp pistons and BC rods ... im thinking 4 k on top maybe 5000 and my car - heres my CL add ... i have receipts close to 70+K --- HKS SUPERCHARGED ,,, . i have a few more pix on my phone . id love to send you them 7143939855 . id even like to make this happen today or 2maro . whatever works for you . thanx for your time man . i want your car so