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Personally I think every case will be different. I live in AZ and just had an ODB inspection done on our Mini last week. I was curious to see what they were going to do so I could proceed accordingly with my planned mods for the 135. They never even popped the hood.

However, earlier this year I took my diesel truck in and don't have the option for an ODB inspection. They looked my truck over and when they handed my my paper work "FAILED" but the sniff was good. When I questioned them on this they said I failed because I didn't have CATS....NO SH!'s a diesel and it came from the factory that way. Not only that but they'd passed it the previous 5 years at the same inspection station. Didn't matter and I had to go to the "referee" 40 miles away. Their response "whoever failed you is an idiot it shows right here (pointing to a reference manual) that they don't have them." Now looking at my Carfax for that truck "failed emissions".

My point being, part of it will likely be the luck of the draw and will vary from inspector to inspector and station to station.

My plan for the 135...put my DPs on after inspection next month so they have a couple years to tarnish and I'm not taking in a car with a new part. Go when it is busy. Drive in at low rpms with the can flap shut on map 0 with the DPfix....and cross my fingers!