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Thanks guys
You can see in this pic where the grill hit the lip: (White "line" where it busted through the CF)

I'm going in to Legal tomorrow to see about filing a claim with the Garrison but really doubt my chances. Looking at it from the outside all I can think is... Prove it. Which is pretty hard to do.

Here's where/what happened:

Crossing into this parking lot...

I noticed this gutter grill sticking up just as it disappeared under the front of the car...

From what I can piece together looking at the damage it appears that the CRT lip caught the edge of the cover which basically locked back and into the channel it's in. The edge bit into the lip and bent the whole front end down (NO scrapes on the bottom of the lip at all) and basically, as I moved forward, the weakest link gave... which turned out to be the front bumper and NOT the 3M tape

The "cut" in the CRT lip is SO close to the bottom it's crazy. I'll take a closer pic tonight but it couldn't have been 1/8th of an inch from just sliding underneath the lip.

I've already contacted the Niederlasung and once we get the thumbs up from the insurance (or USAG) they'll get me in quick since I should have orders for DC in the next week or 2.

Hooray for good timing, right?

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