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Frustrated (idrive + ipod)

Since I have owned my car, the ipod connection through my usb to the idrive has been fickle at best. I have an ipod that I just leave in my car at all times, it stays charged and is always connected through the usb (this is a year old ipod classic). Sometimes it would say "not connected" and I would be tiffed, then the next time I turned the car on or if I unplugged it and plugged it back in it would start to work again.

The past month or so it has said "not connected" and I cannot get it to work. Any other trouble shooting options or is this just something I should get used to with my car?

I am quite frustrated that my finely engineered BMW cannot read a usb hookup to an ipod. I cannot possibly live with my am radio and bluetooth iphone music connection (sarcasm).