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Originally Posted by miiipilot View Post
North Carolina has a 3% Sales tax on autos, then you have to pay pseudo "property tax" on the vehicle each year to renew the registration. That would be the standard if you titled the vehicle in NC. I am not sure if you can avoid that 3% sales tax though.

However, Yes you are responsible for paying tax to the state at your county tax rate in order to title/register your vehicle. I don't think Ohio will forgive that 3% you already paid to NC.

Side story...Friend bought a car in Ohio. They paid full county tax on the vehicle (7.75% at the time), Moved to NC a year later. Had to start paying "property tax" on that vehicle (% of the value of the car each year). That is criminal since she already paid full sales tax.

Please keep us posted
You are confusing two different taxes here. Sales tax is different than property tax. He cleanly paid the OH sales tax and a year later moved to NC and did not have to pay any additional state sales tax. But to register the car in NC you must get an inspection and pay for the tag/title. Then the county (not state) charges you for property tax. Each year you will get a property tax bill from the county and require a annual inspection before the state will let you pay for a new tag sticker.