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Originally Posted by ahfunaki View Post
Completely unrelated, but you're Jeff's cousin aren't you?

I was just talking to him about how I was looking into potentially getting a 1 series, and he said his cousin just bought one. And you live in Warren

Sounds like a pain man, I hope you get the issue resolved quickly and fairly.
yup, that's me. I think i have the only one around, couple buddies have 335i but i haven't noticed any other 1ers. If you want to meet up or check it out let me know. I'm fairly free on the weekends

To Everyone Else;

The dealer has gotten back to me, I explained what was going on to the dealership owner. The finance manager told me the only way I could get the title was to pay the rest of the money. I explained what was going on to the owner, entire process from top to bottom, and he is sending me a check valued for the 3% taxes I was charged, the title and doc fee and the extra key FOB and detailing money. The title will be released and I will take care of taxes-as it should have been from the beginning. Owner said he didn't know why i was charged them initially anyway and sorry for the inconvenience of not having this settled sooner.